Winter favs – California edition

January went by in a whiz and we officially are here in the month of love. Today, I wanted to quickly talk about the importance of self-love and happiness. Oftentimes, we choose to base our happiness on someone that’s really close to us. It could be our spouse/best friend/parents/child based on our relationships. However, I recently realized how important it is to be self-contented and how we need to develop the ability to make ourselves happy without depending on anyone else to cheer us up in times of need. It’s natural to gravitate towards someone we love when we feel low. But if that someone isn’t in the right state of mind/is going through a bad day themselves and doesn’t react how you want them to, it results in unwanted misunderstanding and bitterness in the relationship. So the best way that I’ve realized to deal with this is to find something that calms you and instantly lifts your mood. For me, it is yoga. If I have a shitty day at work, I go and do an hour of yoga instead of going home and wallowing in self-pity for the rest of the night hoping that the people I love are going to make me feel alright. Make a conscious effort to find happiness in yourself. You are your own Queen/King 🙂

Moving on, we have 6 more weeks of Winter left! Well technically in Cali, it doesn’t feel like Winter anymore and it’s time to take all my spring/summer outfits out from the storage 😀 But today, I thought I would share some things that I have been using time and again this season and which I feel are winter staples. Generally, a lot of these stores have end of season sale and it is a good time to stock up on essentials for the next Winter at a cheaper price! Oh and guess who is back in town after a loooong vacation! SB 😀 So I styled her and took pictures of her in the first chance I got when we were in San Francisco last week! Ah how much I missed my model 😀


Jacket – 

Teddy bear jacket(as seen on SB) – If you had been shopping recently, you must’ve definitely come across these “Teddy bear jackets“. They are all the rage this season but we kind of got these last spring from Uniqlo (Me in Burgundy and SB in brown color) and it was the most used jacket from our closets! It is super soft, super comfy, goes well with jeans and keeps you warm!

Long black coat(as seen on Mal) – This is another wardrobe staple that I purchased a year back and is perfect to wear with dresses/skirts. I picked mine from F21 so the quality isn’t great, but I’m thinking of getting these from FairIndigo when mine wears away. It’s always good to invest in a good quality coat because you would be using them the most during cold seasons.

Boots – 

Combat boots(as seen on SB) – I love these boots because they add a raw definition to the outfit. Another option is this fold over combat boots from Steve Madden that I got back in 2014. I still reach out to them every time I wear a jean/ when I have to walk quite a bit. I feel the length of these boots are perfect for a short person like me plus it can be worn in two different ways (Refer this blogpost)! I found a similar one here.

Rider boots – These boots are perfect when I want to wear with dresses since it covers the perfect amount of skin while keeping me warm. Mine are from Steve Madden and I wore it here.

Over the knee boots(as seen on Mal) – If you are a person who has long legs (you can pull these off with jeans) or if you wear a lot of mini skirts , this is for you! I have been wearing mine quite more than I had anticipated over the last one year and I love how it instantly elevates your look without any effort! I love these and these.



Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Thanks for stopping by ❤

Until next time,


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