Pastels and Patterns – Spring edition

Just when the cherry blossoms and wildflowers started blooming, just when I thought that the flu season was over and secretly admired my white blood cells for fighting off the flu season without having taken a flu shot, the flu monsters hit me like a truck 😐 On the bright side, I’ve been sleeping for about 12-15 hours on a minimum and hey I’m not complaining! Anyways, I hope it doesn’t last very long since I think I’ve gotten enough rest to last a couple of months now and I’m soo ready to get out of the house!

Last week was a long weekend and we went to Tahoe to ski and I was much better at it compared to my first time (YAYY)! It was also my third time going to Tahoe in a span of 6 months and it always makes me want to go back! I guess at this point I have to write a blog post listing all the places to stay, eat and see in Tahoe 😀 Anyways, we had some time on Monday so SB and I decided to hit the nearby mall since it had been forever since we stepped into one! I decided to pick some pastel shades to wear since it looks and feels like spring in Cali and did an impromptu photoshoot for the blog!

I’ve not been posting a lot of fashion posts mainly because of two reasons – 1) We don’t shop for clothes unless it’s a necessity 2) I want the fashion posts to inspire you to reuse stuff that you already have in your wardrobe and style them differently, so a single outfit post isn’t going to be much helpful for that. So I prefer doing lookbooks since we anyways keep traveling and that would give a lot of outfit options and season favorites. Like this one would help you choose what would give you the maximum use incase you decide to shop for outfits. So on the same page, here’s some of my spring favs/essentials –



Pastels – 

I love playing matchy matchy with all the cherry blossoms and purple orchids during spring. Pastels are the perfect transition color palette between winter-spring and spring-summer. And everything looks better in pastel shades, don’t you think? 😉 My spring-summer wardrobe mainly consists of 50 shades of pink, so you can see how biased I am towards that shade. But other than pink, some other interesting pastel shades to try out are baby blue, pale yellow and pastel green. Here are some ethical and sustainable options –

Tees/Tops – Pastel yellow, Pale green

P.S I have gotten a couple of tees from fair indigo and they are the softest and most comfortable ones that I own till date! So give it a try!

Kimonos – 

I wasn’t a great fan of kimonos until recently because I felt they don’t give a flattering silhouette to the outfit. But all it took was stepping out of my comfort zone and now these are one of my favorite spring-summer pieces! They provide the perfect layering needed for hot weather and they come in such fun prints and textures like velvet, lace and whatnot! You can pair them up with plain/basic outfits to make them look more sophisticated or with bold outfits to mellow down the look! I have linked some of my favs  down.

Kimonos/ponchos – Velvet, Striped, Floral

Wide legged crop pants – 

What is more convenient than wearing crop pants that allow some well deserved breeze during a warm spring day? I’ve been wearing these suede culottes for the last one year both inside and outside of work and they are my go to during hot summer months! Again, they are super versatile to wear with both crop tops (like the one I’m wearing here) and tank tops equally! Pair it with platform oxfords and you are set for your shopping day!

Cropped pants – Casual, Dressy option

Mixing patterns – 

Last but not the least, don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns and prints and textures! For instance, I wore this cropped top with a parrot print that SB got from India with a printed Kimono. This is the first time I’m actually mixing prints and I felt so comfortable wearing it and I got so many compliments that day! So let your creative juices flowing and take that printed top and wear it with your floral kimono and rock it like a queen! 🙂


Thanks for stopping by! ❤

Until next time,


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