Ba(e)sic Bae

Hello peeps! Welcome back to my blog! Summer is almost ending and I’m trying to enjoy as much time as I can outdoors! Though it gets pretty hot here in Cali during the day, the pleasant breeze makes up for it and I sure don’t want jacket season to come so soonly 😦 Anyways, we had an afternoon picnic recently in a nearby park and I originally wasn’t planning for a shoot. However, this one has been my favorite summer uniform and I thought I could show you guys how easy it is to be basic and classic at the same time 🙂

Off-the-shoulder tops are everywhere this summer. Even though summer calls for vibrant colors, white is timeless and this particular combination of white OTS and light blue ripped jean is the most-seen summer outfit! And you can see why 🙂  It’s so easy and effortless to put together and even without any statement accessories, it gives you an instant chic-look! There are a multitude ways of wearing a white OTS – pair it with a black overall, even a blush-pink overall if you’re feeling experimental 😉 or pair it with a classic ripped jean like the one here. The best part is, you can throw in any color bottoms/bags/shoes and it would still look great! For this particular day, I paired it with my fav dusty rose lace-up sandals and this super cute round bag. This particular one is from India, but I have linked similar ones below. I have also liked a bunch of other bottoms/overalls that would look great with the white OTS, so stock up on those before summer (sadly) comes to an end! 🙂


Outfit details 

Top – Forever21

Jeans – Charlotte Russe

Fav overalls – here, here and here

Bag – Old. Similar here 

Shoes – Forever21

Thanks for stopping by! xoxo I’ll see you again with another exciting post next week 🙂

Until next time,


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