Living the Parisian life – a photo diary

When I decided to visit Paris last September and asked people how many days I should spend there, I just got one answer – “even a month isn’t enough to see it all”.  I was surprised to hear this invariable answer, but decided to find out for myself by setting out for a week to the city of love. And at the end of it – I had to admit – there’s just so much art and beauty to see and relish in the city that I’m now sure it’s going to be one of the places that I would definitely go back to!

Places I visited:

While there are multitude of museums and tourist attractions in Paris, I chose the following places owing to the ease of access from where I stayed (0.5 miles from Louvre museum in the tiniest Airbnb there can be and in Montmartre) –

  • Louvre museum – Took a private group tour booked through Airbnb’s experiences
  • Palace of Versailles – We took the train from Paris and did a whole day tour
  • Walking tour starting from Tuileries Garden (Free and best way to see and hear about Paris’s history) Check it out here: Discover walks
  • Eiffel tour at day and night (Including the elevator that takes you to the top)
  • Hop-on Hop-off on the river Seine which included stops like Notre Dame, Saint Chapelle, Champs Elysees, Arc de triomphe
  • Walking tour at Montmartre (It was rated the most popular walking tour and it was well worth it. Again, FREE!) Check it out here: Discover walks


  • The prices of Hotels and Airbnb’s are almost comparable, but like always, Airbnb’s have more character.  Fun – fact: We stayed at an Airbnb that was right opposite the infamous cafe from the French movie – Amelie 
  • We heavily depended on Uber to get us around, it worked out cheaper than public transport since it was three of us.
  • We loved the walking tours and I wanna do all of them one day. You get to interact and learn about Paris from a local. What more could you ask for!
  • If you go to the Trocadero gardens in the night during Summer/early Fall, you might catch some amazing live music!
  • The Saint-Germain neighborhood is super lively during all times of the week that makes it an amazing spot to grab dinner and hang out.

Here are some glimpses of Paris that I captured on film –

The palace of Versailles in all it’s golden glory!
The Sun King seems to have gone a little overboard with the gold don’t you think 😉


The Majestic gardens of Versailles
Eiffel tour at night from the Trocadero gardens!
The view from the top of the Eiffel tour (can you spot the shadow on the left?)
These Parisian windows though ❤
A glimpse of Montmartre from Tuileries gardens
The Opera house!
Trippy street art as seen on our walking tour
The painted windows of Saint Chapelle
Arc de triomphe
Eiffel tour by the Seine
Street art in Montmartre
How cute is this? 😀
The infamous Moulin Rouge!
The most photographed cafe in Paris!
Sacre Cour

Thanks for stopping by and see you soon!

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