Taking care of your body in Winter

Even though we are technically still in Fall, the weather has gotten considerably chilly and dry. I didn’t really realize it until I saw dry patches on my face and legs which clearly meant that my summer-time moisturizers weren’t enough. So I switched up some skincare and body care products and have been using them for a couple of months now. The results are pretty good, and the best part is – most of them are natural with minimal chemicals and don’t put a huge hole in your pocket! My skin type is SUPER SENSITIVE and I really mean it! I’ve tried every single moisturizer in the market that was advertised for sensitive skin and ended up breaking out every single time until I found my holy grail. Still, each of our skin is unique and what works for me might not work for you. However, you can get a travel size/tester and try it out before you invest on a full-size product.

So here is a list of products that I use on a daily basis –

Cleanser – Aloe Calming Foaming Wash

This is the only face wash that doesn’t break me out! It is super mild and removes all the impurities making you feel fresh and clean. However, it doesn’t remove heavy makeup. Since I wear makeup very occasionally,  it works out for me. If you are a makeup person, I would suggest removing it first with virgin coconut oil from Trader Joe’s (amazingly good for your skin + no weird chemicals to remove the existing chemicals on the face) and then washing it with this cleanser.

Exfoliator – Plain and unflavored Steel Cut oats from any grocery store

Yes, you read it right. And no, I didn’t make this up 😀 The last time I went for a cleanup (after a two year break maybe :P), the salon lady said I have a lot of clogged pores and asked me how often I exfoliate. When I told her that I break out from almost every facial scrub that’s there in the market, she suggested me to try this. And it worked you guys! In my next session, she said that my pores were much more cleaner. And I could see that my skin started looking radiant and healthy. I mix it with cold water and scrub it on my face and neck, about 2-3 times a week.

Moisturizer – Nourish organic Moisturizer/Aloe Face Gel

During summers, I used the Aloe Gel as a moisturizer for my face since I couldn’t find anything that didn’t make my skin super oily. It is easily absorbed by the skin and keeps it hydrated and healthy. However, it wasn’t helping the dryness in winter. So after trying a gazillion moisturizers and breaking out, I finally found this Nourish Organic brand in Whole Foods and gave it a try and voila! My skin looks so hydrated and it is super light weight! Plus it smells sooo good! Definitely recommend this one!

Night time serum – Rosehip oil 

I’ve been using this for quite sometime now as a night time face serum and the results have been pretty good. You can read up on the benefits of Rosehip oil online but the most useful one is that it reduces the appearance of blemishes/acne scars on the skin. So I take about 6-7 drops on my palm and massage it onto my face every night before going to sleep. It gets absorbed pretty quickly and doesn’t stain the pillowcases. The result – wake up with super soft and supple skin next morning.

Body lotion – Body butter by Body Shop 

It’s common for our arms and legs to dry out equally in winter but I tend to ignore it just because I can’t notice it once I wear my clothes. However, I’m trying to change that now and apply some form of moisturizer on my arms/legs as soon as I come out of the shower. My favorite is Shea Body Butter by Body shop – it smells heavenly and keeps your skin nice and moisturized for the entire day. It is a heavy moisturizer and works best for colder months. I generally use Bath and Body works Body cream during summer, because it is more lightweight.

Hair – Aveda Shampoo 

If there’s something that I can use throughout the year, irrespective of the season, that’s my Aveda Shampoo! Even though I tried every single shampoo from their line to figure out which worked out for my hair type, it was so worth it! Their shampoos are Sulphate free and Paraben free, so it works for color treated hair too. If there’s an Aveda store nearby, you can drop in for an in-person consultation where they measure the dryness of your scalp and suggest what’s best for you. If not, you can start off by trying their travel size packs which you can order online.

Hope you guys found this list helpful! Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook for some Fitness Inspo / Healthy eating tips.

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