My top favorite Nude Lipsticks for Indian Skin Tone

Hello Dolls! Hope y’all are having a great Sunday! I’m soo glad to share something that will hopefully cheer you up for the week ahead! Today I wanted to write this beauty post which I get asked a lot – What are the best lipsticks that you can wear everyday to work/school that suit our Indian Skin tone.

When I first came to the U.S, I was so excited to see all these Drugstore Lipsticks that were around $2-$6 and I went all in getting all kinds of Nude Lipstick shades that I thought would look great on me because it looked great on the Flawless skinned American Model in the pictures! But guess what, I could hardly see them on my skin after I tried them on and had to hide them away safely in my “Experimental makeup” aka you-will-never-see-the-light-of-the-day-literally drawer 😦 Anyways, that was one reason I wanted to share this post with you guys since I have spent about 2 years searching for the perfect Nudes and I can now say that I have a pretty decent collection! (YAY!!) ok now jumping right into the post, I’ve categorized them as Matte (my fav!) and Creme Lipsticks depending on their finish and the list includes both drugstore and high end lipsticks so take your pick. There’s a link to buy each of the these lipsticks too. Enjoy 🙂

Matte Finish – 

Tarteist Lip Paint in the shade Delish 

Oh this is my absolute favorite Matte lipstick of alll time! I picked it up from Sephora when they had just released this line and man it’s one-of-a-kind! It is a rosy mauve pink and it’s so perfect for everyday wear.

Pros –

  • Color looks very flattering on Indian skin tones.
  •  The lipsticks stay all day long.
  • Formula doesn’t crack and look ugly after a meal. Even if you keep eating something every 5 minutes (like me) just dab some moisturizer on after a few hours and it’ll look as good as new!
  • Transfer proof.

Cons –

  • It’s $20 so a little bit on the expensive side.
  • Since it’s a liquid lipstick, it could be a little drying for some people. I didn’t face this problem. I apply this after I put Some chopstick/ lip balm

NYX Lingerie in the shade Exotic 

This is another go-to lipstick for work everyday! It is a warm mahogany red and it gives that amazing pop of color to your lips without overdoing it. It’s has a smooth velvety finish that looks very classy and doesn’t accentuate the fine lines on the lips like other matte lipsticks.

Pros –

  • A very unique color that instantly brightens up your face and still looks very subtle.
  • Super cheap – $7.
  • You can get it in any drugstore.

Cons –

  • Doesn’t stay all day. Partly wears out after an oily meal. But touch up is easy and doesn’t look messy.
  • Transfers a little

Kat Von D liquid lipstick in the shade Lolita 

Well if you follow makeup then you must’ve definitely heard of this holy grail Nude Liquid Lipstick of the 21st century – Kat Von D’s Lolita! The formula of this lipstick is to die for! It’s matte yet feels so amazingly light on your lips. The color is described as a chestnut rose and looks and feels so good on the lips! It also comes in a normal lipstick version.

Pros –

  • Lasts all day long. If you eat oily food, it lightly wears out but can easily be retouched
  • Formula is super comfortable on the lips.
  • Transfer-proof

Cons –

  • It’s $20 so on the expensive side.
  • I personally feel this is particular shade looks the best on Indian people on the fairer side. I’m somewhere in between and when I wear this it feels like my real lips. If that’s what you want from a nude lipstick, then it’s definitely for you! I always like a lipstick that shows and adds some color to my lips so it depends on your preference 🙂

Wet and Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit in shade Give me Mocha 

I accidentally stumbled upon this one during one of my Target runs and boy oh boy this really amazed me! It was a steal – about $5 and I didn’t really have any high expectations but it performed better than many of my high end lipsticks! This is again a very subtle nude that you can wear on the days when you want to keep it very low-key.

Pros –

  • Super cheap – $5 and can be found in any drugstore
  • Matte texture isn’t drying at all on the lips
  • Very subtle and perfect Nude for Indian skin tone
  • Transfer-proof

Cons –

  • Doesn’t last all day. Kind of wears off after food but reapplication is easy

Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in the shade Ginger 

Again, if you follow the makeup world, you would know that Kylie’s liquid lipstick line caused quite a stir! I was curious to try out the most-talked-about-liquid-lipsticks-of-the-year and ordered a few (or a lot :P) of them! Honestly, I didn’t like the formula that much since I found it to be very drying and it was too expensive for the quality. Also, the nude colors are not very Indian-skin-tone friendly and are mostly for people with a very fair complexion. Except for this shade – Ginger. It’s described as a warm Terracotta Brown and looks very flattering on Brown skin

Pros –

  • Lasts all day long.
  • A unique color that you can wear throughout the year

Cons –

  • The price. The lipkit is about $30 which includes the lip pencil and liquid lipstick. I got a mini version that came with some holiday bundle so it was $35 for 4 mini lipsticks. That worked out more economical
  • The formula is drying so if you have naturally dry lips, stay away!
  • The lipstick cracks when you eat oily food so you need to keep a lip balm handy to correct it.

Creme finish 

Colourpop cosmetics Frick and Frank Liquid Lipstick 

If you guys have read my previous makeup post, you would know that I swear by this liquid lipstick! I loveee the color and formula of this one to bits! It is a rosy terracotta and it is such a gorgeous color that you would make even your worst day better, trust me 😉 It looks flattering on all types of Indian Skin tones!

Pros –

  • The price! It’s $6 and lasts forever
  • The finish is satin and not matte so it doesn’t dry out your lips at all!
  • The color is just plain amazing!

Cons –

  • It’s not transfer proof. So it doesn’t last all day without touch ups. But since it’s a creme lipstick, it’s easy to reapply.

Maybelline Creamy-Matte lipstick in Nude Nuance 

I picked this up recently and this is like the perfect nude lipstick guys! Like people won’t even realize that you’re wearing something on your lips unless you tell them types. So if you’re into those kind of nudes, this’s for you!


  • The price! It’s $6 and can be found in any drugstore
  • It has a creme finish so doesn’t dry out your lips
  • Perfect Nude for No-Makeup makeup looks

Cons –

  • It wears off easily. It hardly lasts for about 3 hours with minimal food intake. So you need to carry it with you and reapply constantly

That concludes the list of my favorite Nude lipsticks. Do you have a favorite that I have missed? Let me know in the comments! I’ll see you soon with another exciting fashion post next week ❤

Until next time,






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