Big Sur state of mind

Hi Lovelies! ❤ Welcome back to my blog! Hope 2017 is treating you well. Here’s the first travel post for the year, a weekend getaway at Big Sur, California. Big Sur is a beautiful stretch on California 1 Highway with some iconic beaches and breathtaking coastal views.

We stayed for a night in a yurt at this place called Treebones resort. You need to book this place months in advance, that’s how popular and exotic it is! They even have a Human Nest  which sits on a real tree and looks like an ideal place to camp during summer 😀 In addition to the Yurts and the nest, they also have some campsites plus a pool and a Jacuzzi facing the ocean. You have absolutely no network in this place, so it’s an ideal place if you want to disconnect from your daily life and recharge your body and soul 🙂

It was one-of-a-kind experience staying in an Ocean facing Yurt and waking up to the glorious sunrise overlooking the Pacific. During the night, there’s absolutely no light pollution so we could sit and stare at the Milky Way as long as we wanted from the patio of our yurt. And the Yurt also has a Moon Roof through which you can gaze at the stars from the comfort of your cozy bed.  How romantic is that!

We also visited the Pfeiffer Beach to catch the sunset. During Winter, the sunset casts an ethereal glow through Keyhole Arch that is absolutely breathtaking! We were lucky enough to witness this beauty on a chilly evening in late December.

Another must-see place at Big Sur is the Julia Pfeiffer burns state park. It overlooks the McWay Falls, which drops over a cliff of 80 feet into the Pacific Ocean. You can park the car on the road and walk up to the Cliff for view of the Falls and the long and beautiful stretch of the Pacific Highway.

Human Nest at Sunrise
Sunrise = Pink Ocean ❤
Sunrise from the Yurt
More pictures of our Yurt 😀
The view of the ocean from the Yurt during the day
Our Yurt ❤
View of the Pacific Coastline from Julia Pfeiffer State Park
McWay Falls
Sunbeam through the arch at Big Sur Beach
Sunset near Carmel
CA 1 Highway


Stay tuned for some Spring-Summer Fashion posts coming up later this week.

Until next time,


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Treebones Resort

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