Ethical Activewear Brands that I have tried and tested

It has been a hot minute since I wrote a blogpost and this one has been on the back of my mind for a long time now. Since last Fall, I’ve been exploring different ethical and sustainable brands every time I needed to fill some gap/replace worn out clothing in my closet. I have gotten multiple wears with most of my clothing now and I can safely say that I know how well they fair in terms of quality and fit. So I thought I’d make a series out of it and list them all in blogposts – one for each category. I’m starting off with activewear, so let’s get right into it –

Active wear –

If you’ve been following me on instagram (@trendytraveltales), you should’ve seen my regular gym/yoga updates. I workout 4-5 times a week and I go for hot yoga classes and do weights at the gym. So my first obvious choice was to try ethical activewear brands. After a few trial and errors, here’s my list:


  • I love all their pants – they are super comfy and stretchy and doesn’t feel too thick so perfect for hot yoga
  • All their yoga mats and accessories are super good quality


  • I love their capris – very cute and boho prints and they are very stretchy
  • They have some amazing cotton/modal full sleeve tops that you can use during fall/winter for hikes.
  • I didn’t like their tank tops – since I’m petite, I found them to be very baggy and too long for me. Their swim was also a no coz it was too little cloth and I felt it wasn’t worth the price


  • If you do hot yoga, there is NOTHING – I repeat – NOTHING that’s more comfortable than a pair of teeki leggings!  They are made of out recycled PET and they can be a little pricey ($80) but they are THE BEST for hot yoga! It feels like you’re not wearing anything at all and still you don’t have sweat dripping all over (Hot yogis would know my pain)
  • You can find some styles on amazon too for around $60-$70 so I suggest looking there first!


  • I really like their sports bra. They have multiple varieties and they are very breath-able and come in neutral shades that go with everything

Outdoor voices

  • I’m a very color-loving person and when these ads kept popping up on my facebook account, I wasn’t very inclined towards checking them out. This spring, they increased their color range and released some pastel shades and I decided to get a pair for hiking.
  • Their clothes fit pretty tight, so I would suggest sizing up. Their are super thick and they feel great on the skin – so perfect for hiking in the colder months. I got one set for them – a top and a pant. It’s a good one to add to your hiking collection if you’re looking to buy one.


This was a tricky one. I wanted to get a single piece and it’s soo hard to find something that fits my petite frame. But all that was until I found my HOLY GRAIL swimwear brand and it completely changed my pool life 😀

Jessica Rey Swim

  • This place hands down has the cutest swimwear everrr you guys! Just look at their collection, you’ll see for yourself. I had gotten some cheap ones from target last summer and all of them had stretched/faded badly, so I got this black and white one and this purple one. They look and feel soo luxurious that I don’t wanna remove them everrr! They are definitely an investment (~ $100) for a single piece swimsuit, but they are definitely worth the money! Check it out!

I also thought I’d share some pictures from my Lake Tahoe trip where I wore this uber summery cotton skirt from Ann Taylor. This is perfect for summer days and also appropriate for a Friday at work with some muted color top/black blazer.


Hope this post was useful for you guys! I will continue this series with everyday clothes, shoes etc. in the coming weeks.

Until next time,



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