Colors and Contrasts

Hello guysss, hope you had a good weekend! Today, I want to talk about my new found obsession. It’s going in search of beautiful blooms around the Bay Area and taking a million pictures. These blooms hardly stay for a week or two and then they’re gone! But as with everything else in life, we appreciate it so much only because it is short-lived. It comes as a welcome change after months of snow and barren trees. Now, it’s also true that everyone resists change, but if you think about it, a change always means a new beginning, a new chance to start from scratch, a new opportunity to do something different from the previous one. It could be a new season, a new job, moving to a new place, a new relationship or a new anything. Of course, we’ll definitely miss the old times when everything was so set to our needs, but we could definitely learn to be less resistant to change and embrace it with a thrilled and open heart instead!

Last weekend, I dolled up SB and chose this super pretty black dress that we had gotten last year to wear to the yellow flower field that’s right outside our apartment! Every year we do a photoshoot there, because it’s just too beautiful to resist. This particular dress pattern made a lot of rounds on social media last year, but it’s good that we actually didn’t do a photoshoot that time. Coz hey what’s the fun if you’re one of the 100 other bloggers wearing the same plaid pants or blazer or the netted embroided dress. It feels so much more appropriate now that the rage has died down. And this is one of the best photoshoots that I did till date! The weather was perfect and the contrast of the dress against the yellow flowers and the blue skies made it even more beautiful! I’ve linked a couple of my favorite dresses for spring down below, check it out 🙂



Outfit details

Dress – Old. Love this and this option.

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