Navarathri release

Hello everyone! Happy first day of October! Can you believe that there are just two more months left in 2017? :O Time literally flies! However, I’m excited coz that means there’s just one month left for my birthday and thanksgiving (Hint: Another exciting trip ahead ;)) and all the holiday season lights!

Talking about lights, back in India, we celebrate this festival called Navarathri during this time of the year. As a South Indian, we build a rack of odd-numbered shelves and adorn it with dolls of different sizes, starting with toys and figurines in the bottom to the deities that we worship in the Hindu Culture at the top. This arrangement is called Golu. Every evening we dress up, visit our neighbors, watch their Golu displays and exchange sweets and gifts. This goes on for Nine days, hence the name Nava-Rathri (Means Nine-Nights in Sanskrit).

Last weekend, my bff and I went Golu hopping (such a fancy term right :P) and I thought I will share some pictures of her outfit here since it was so colorful and perfect for the festival season! Wearing Indian outfits is always fun, especially because we rarely get to celebrate the Indian festivals here and it brings us closer to home 🙂


Outfit details –

Skirt and top – Instore (India). Similar here

Sandals – Steve Madden (Perfect for Indian outfits)

Accessories – Forever21

The next big Indian festival – Diwali, rightly called the festival of lights, is right around the corner and I’m so excited! I’ll see you again next week with another fun post!

Until then,



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