Falling for the Fall Trend

Hey Guys! As promised, this blog post is going to be about two must-have Fall Staples – Over The Knee Sock Boots and Sweater dresses. I thought I could model for this one so that vertically challenged and non-size-zero people like me can relate to it 🙂

At first I wasn’t very sure how comfortable the OTK boots were going to be but they turned out to be UH-mazing! I have the weirdest feet – they are wide and small, which is not a great combo to have. Inspite of that, I survived an entire day of shopping at the mall wearing these boots and my feet didn’t hurt at the end of the day! I’m sooo in love with these boots! The heel is about 1.5″ which is perfect for me. The main issue with OTK boots is that they slump down the legs as you walk. But I wore a pair of woolen OTK socks with them,  and that worked like a charm. You can style them in so many different ways – With denim and sweaters, sweater dresses or mini skirts.

In this post, I styled the OTK sock boots with a sweater dress which has cute lace detailing at the bottom. Sweater dresses are mostly loose fitting so it will make you look a little fuller than other types of dresses. But they are super fun to style. If you live in the East coast, you can just go crazy with layering up this one – put on a scarf and legging underneath and pair it with booties for a casual evening look.


Outfit details:

DressBoots and Choker – Forever21

These pictures were taken at Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto. It is an open air mall with picturesque exteriors. Check out for cute cafes and cherry blossom trees along the sidewalks.

Maybe it is time to explore a little bit outside Cali 😛 ? Stay tuned for my next blog post on travel.

Until next time,


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